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Are you guys ready? Let’s roll!
– Todd Beamer, Flight 93, 11th September 2001

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  • Byna

    While I didn’t hear what Todd said, I disagree with how you wrote it.

    I think he said “Let’s roll.” See the difference? The ! implies excitment, a little poodle jumping up and down and yipping. I suspect that the tone he used was actualy more akin to grim determination and resolution.

  • The quote is based upon what I read on Post Gazette and Snopes Urban Legends, thus would seem to be an accurate rendering of this American hero’s last known words.

  • Don’t tell me you lot actually believe this rubbish they took down the plane do you? The whole “Let’s Roll” thing, which by the way now has become just tacky, may have been said. I do not and will never believe that lot overpowered a bunch of armed terrorists, the plane was shot down and no one in government cares to admit it. Yet another heroic urban myth.

  • Leaving aside completely the mind-boggling inanity of your suggestion, Andrew, so fucking what if it was shot down? It went down in an empty field instead of a heavily populated area, killing 44 people instead of thousands…or is that not a good enough reason for you?

  • And Andrew bases his conspiracy theory nonsense on what exactly? Please point me at the evidence that the aircraft was shot by the USAF. A bunch of guys who know they are dead if they do nothing, rush a smaller bunch of guy who are armed with poxy little box cutters and you find that hard to believe? Why?

  • As so what if what I say were true? How is it a conspiracy? If it truly was shot down think of the poor pilot(s) who had to do it? Or how about those pilots patrolling the area than day or even today, knowing full well they might have to shoot down and airliner full of civilians.

    Don’t be a moron Sakimori. I don’t believe they took they over-powered the hijackers, does that mean I care any less for those who died? Your last line is idiotic.

    I just think the whole “let’s roll” thing is disneyfing the whole event. Why must we have t-shirts and knick-nacks with this slogan on there? How about all the rest of the people on the plane who died (fighting or not is irrelevant)? The people on the other planes who did not fight back are to be thought less of because they didn’t fight back?

    Why has this guy been picked out? Because he looks like an all-American Joe, repleted with baseball cap, that is why. If it had been some geek with glasses who said it would his picture be all over the place, of course not!

  • Wow. So many misspellings, so little time.

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you: you’re not really Andrew Dodge, a man who at least appeared to have full command of the English language on his weblog when he posted this item, in which he himself quotes Todd Beamer’s famous words.

    So you’re either Andrew Dodge and merely trolling for hits or you’re some semi-literate punk with the usual half-formed ideas about the Great Satan that is America. Either way, bite me. Your agenda is perfectly clear and your “ideas” suffer for it.

  • “How about all the rest of the people on the plane who died (fighting or not is irrelevant)?”

    No, it is not irrelevant. To die fighting, rather than cowed into submission, is never irrelevant. It is not that those who did not fight are less, but rather those who did fight are more. You may not agree but I hope you will not be offended if I do not give a fuck.

  • And there we have it.

    A fine memorial.

  • Bob Leahy

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if the people on the first three flights had foreknowledge and time, none of those planes would have hit their targets. Maybe dropped on Long Island, or in Georgetown, but they would not have be under uncontested terroit control when they did. Your comment on armed terrorists is assinine, They did not have Uzi’s They had boxcutters – small blade knives. Sufficient to cut a stewardess’ throat in the first moments of surprise and disbelief, but a decisive advantage when outnumbered by grim and determined men/women? Think it through.

  • Dennis Patten

    The guys on flight 93 were big strong and tough. The four terrorists were smaller and only armed with Box-cutters. There is no doubt in my mind that they rushed the cockpit and that the terrorist-pilot nosed the plane into the ground. Anyone who says otherwise is a wishful thinking Islamist.

  • Dennis I am neither, however because I do not agree with one minor aspect of the 9/11 rememberance does not make a Islamist. It is all much too convenient. If you lot think less of me fine. However, I do take offence to certain people who not allow anyone else to go off message on 9/11.

    Ditto Perry. Sakimori: Just because I don’t believe in a a dubious urban myth I am somehow less than appreciative of the scale of 9/11. What have you hired on to Ashcroft’s staff?

    NB: I posted something for Mommabear, who is on holiday. Unlike some people Dodgeblog believes we can have different opinions on matters. What is your problem?

    I don’t believe the rhetoric that a bunch of people on an airplane overpowered the terrorists and then drove an airplane with autopilot, into the ground. Yeah ok, I don’t believe than therefore I support Bin Laden…ok.

    I don’t have an agenda, do any of you?

  • Alright, I seem to hit a raw nerve here. I apologise if anyone was offended by my comments about Flight 93. All in all it is irrelevant in view of 9/11. We should be on the same side here not get into rucks on minor points. My cynical side got the better of me…

  • blabla

    The people of Flight 93 may or may not have brought the plane down – I believe they did. But what’s important to me is that they engaged the highjackers, and for this reason alone, they are heroes.

  • Andrew, that’s got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard lately. Next you’ll be telling me that no Jews were killed at the WTC because they all called in sick that day.

    The black boxes from the jet were recovered. The audio track from it, WHICH THE FAMILIES WERE ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO (and they’d recognize their loved ones’ voices, right?), corroborates the theory of a struggle between the passengers and the hijackers. Or did the government fake that up, too?

    Sorry, Andrew, I’m not buying it.

  • Israeli hero of Flight 11 – Daniel [Danny] Levin – murdered while battling
    hijackers on September 11th:

    Israeli hero of Flight 11


  • Jim Davila

    Thanks for this post, which I printed out and taped on my office door.

    Andrew, your apology was appropriate and I accept it. You are right, we’re all on the same side of this.

  • The second country with the most murdered countrymen, besides the USA, in the WTC towers on 9.11 was Israel, 133 Israeli Nationals were killed inside of the WTC towers.

  • Brendan MacWade

    This issue needs to be cleared-up by our government.

    The USAF and the Pentagon do not confirm nor deny that Flight 94 was shot down in western Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, the cockpit voice recordin of the last minutes of the flight have not been released to the public. And to top it all off, and increasing number of citizens are beginning to doubt that Todd Beamer was able to get through to a 911 operator on a cell phone, at a high altitude in rural PA. And those of us who are more cynical go a step further in doubting that he ever recided The Lord’s Prayer with the 911 operator, and said the words, “Let’s Roll.”

    It’s time for the government to release the information they have on this. Even if the material will later be used in a trial, the US public has a right to know.

    Otherwise, this may just become a myth…one that is bigger than George Washington and the Cherry Tree. Let’s clear this up before it becomes too big to fix.

  • That is dissgusting! lets roll? do you see the your implying happyness waht the hell is your problem?

  • Dear Annonomys:

    1. It implies nothing of the sort. Don’t be an idiot.

    2. The spell checker is our friend