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If Shams Ali ruled the world …

I don’t know who “Shams Ali” is exactly, but he has established something called the The World Court of Justice, and so far as I can judge, his ambition is simple. He wishes to be the Supreme Ruler of Mankind. I know the feeling. I once wanted that job myself, and I reckon I’d probably still take it if someone offered it to me.

Mr Ali has got be a Muslim of some kind, because of being “Ali” and because he writes of “the prophet Jesus”, which (David Carr tells me) strongly suggests a Muslim.

But, from a libertarian point of view Mr Ali is by no means completely to be dismissed. Have a read of this, from his World Court of Justice Comments on The National Security Strategy of the United States of America Report (17 September 2002).

The only difference between politics and ordinary crime is that an ordinary criminal uses his own force to interfere with freedom, person or property of other people against their will, while a politician uses the powers of government for the same purpose.

That at least is a classic libertarian meme.

Politics is incompatible with economic freedom, peaceful relations with other states, and respect for human dignity.

A bit vaguer, but still in our territory.

Political freedom is nothing else than a socially acceptable form of organized crime. Only 100% impartial non-political government, that favors neither majority nor minority, but governs by application of strict rules to fundamental principles can guarantee economic freedom, peaceful relations with other states, and respect for human dignity.

And that is when it starts to become confused. Who exactly is going to do the applying? Evidently not “politicians”, but somebody will have to. What is a “non-political government” when it’s at home? What “fundamental principles” are these? Perchance, the Law of Sharia?

Meanwhile, the global triumph of liberty (which is what Shams Ali says he wants) means that liberty puts a stop to – conquers, you might say – the existing political arrangements of the planet, that is to say, national governments and their various collaborations and aggregations, such as the UN. And that is a lot like establishing an alternative world empire. This man could simply be an utterly deluded and utterly orthodox Muslim fanatic with a vivid imagination. But maybe his fantasies are more interesting than that.

If you wish to communicate your views on these matters to Mr Ali, you can email him, or you can write to him, at the following address:

The World Court of Justice
PO Box 10121
Birmingham B27 7YS

Who says the British imperial spirit is dead?

1 comment to If Shams Ali ruled the world …

  • Julian Morrison

    It’s not just an Islam thing, it’s also an Objectivism thing, this belief in clockwork law where the rules do the ruling. Won’t work, for exactly the same reason any other well-intentioned government doesn’t: because even absolute rules have fuzzy edges that require human judgement, and because power enough to enforce the rules is power enough to break them with impunity.