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In preparation of the anniversary of 9/11, The Brains Trust have devised a Griefometer to answer the question of “just how upset should you be when disaster strikes?”, using the death of Diana as a benchmark. All in the best possible taste, of course.

For example, the Holocaust scores 4 Dianas and 7.7 Dandos1, with the statistics of 9,000,000 dead, on average 50% cute, in a location of 80% importance. The event had 90% visual impact and the story lasted for 825 days.

Please have a go and let us know how you get on. I put in Titanic – it hardly registered…

Note 1: For those not following the UK affairs too closely, Jill Dando was the BBC Crimewatch UK presenter murdered in April 1999. She was shot in the head at close range with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, on her doorstep. Her death caused a tremendous public response. In other words: 1 dead, on average 35% cute, in a location of 55% importance. The event had 10% visual impact and the story lasted for 7 days – death of Jill Dando scores 1.0 Dandos.

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