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Carla’s covered

Carla Howell seems to have made a major breakthrough. She will be in the Massachusetts Governor’s Debate. It’s going to be awfully hard to ignore her after this (from her press release):

“Carla Howell is in the October 1 Governor’s Debate. ABC, CBS, NBC, and New England Cable News TV. The Boston Globe. The Boston Herald. The Worcester Telegram & Gazette. It will be simulcast on the internet. Moderated by CNN’s Judy Woodruff. Shannon O’Brien, the Democratic nominee for Governor, and Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for Governor, will both debate Carla Howell face-to-face.”

After she’s done with Boston Tea Party II, could we talk her into throwing one over here too?

5 comments to Carla’s covered

  • And the cool thing is, that debate is going to be at my alma mater…

  • Hugh Myers

    Odd that there’s nothing on her Web site (as of 9:15AM EDST in the US) about this breakthrough…perhaps I’ve missed it?

  • Eve

    PLEASE NOTE! The media consortium that is sponsoring the event has effectively rescinded the invitation, and Massachusetts Libertarians are NOT happy about it.

    If you’re as outraged as I am, please help by contacting the following people ASAP:

    Channel 5 – WCVB
    Linda Polach
    +1 781 433 4560

    Channel 7 – WHDH
    Ro Dooley, Director of Public Relations
    +1 617 725 0777
    (no email)

    Channel 4 – WBZ
    Bob Dumas, Managing Editor
    +1 617 787 7025

    Channel 2 – WGBH
    John Carroll
    +1 617 300 2527 (this number looks funny to me…)

    The Boston Globe
    Carolyn Ryan, Political Editor (not sure if she is involved in the debate)
    +1 617 929 3086
    fax +1 617 929 3186

    Also please contact WPI and let them know they did the right thing in including Carla Howell in their original invitation:

    Jane Grant, Events Manager
    +1 508 831 5090

    Thank you, all!

  • Eve

    Slight correction: I’m told that the media consortium is waffling at this point. They won’t give us a straight answer. Your help is still needed to contact the members of the media consortium and help them decide!

  • Libertarian inclusion into debates in other states hasn’t done much for the cause. Do not think of this as the silver bullet or you will be sorely disappointed.