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Canadian Nazis trash elderly jews

Glenn Reynolds links to an an article on the anti-jewish riots at Concordia University in Canada. The Board of Governors are apparently gutless wonders who don’t remember World War II. They have not yet (to my knowledge) punished the rioters for attempting physical harm against the persons of elderly holocaust survivors.

I don’t have Windows here (I won’t either!) so I can’t actually view this video myself. Regardless, I’ve heard enough descriptions of the incident to wish I had been there just to kick some Nazi arse like my daddy’s generation did. They may call themselves Palestinian sympathizers: but if it looks like a Nazi and acts like a Nazi… perhaps it is a Nazi. After all, Mein Kampf has been selling briskly in the Middle East…

Am I mad? You bet. Anyone who tries this kind of crap in my presence, will get hurt.

2 comments to Canadian Nazis trash elderly jews

  • justanotherbob

    FYI on the media type: no MS required

    The link loads up a small text file with a URL pointing to a WMV file (Windows format). The WMV file can be downloaded so that you can view and listen to it with non-Windows software. This is what I did.

    For Linux, I used mplayer. (No affiliation, this is just one of many good progs)

    Other platforms might have similar solutions.

  • myron

    Note the Communista flag in the hands of the Urine colored people.