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Pol Pot marries Hitler

Things in Zimbabwe are going from worse to even worse than that and I think it is safe to assume that Robert Mugabe is really not kidding around. Zimbabwe surely must qualify as Evil Central combining marxist year-zero policy with a highly illiberal dose of ethnic cleansing. Yummy!

White farmers are now being arrested for defying Chairman Mugabe’s edict and, in due course, they will either be expelled or killed. Mugabe has had, to all intents and purposes, the green light from the Tranzis who have been far too pre-occupied with bringing down the Great Satan (USA) and Little Satan (Israel) to waste any valuable hectoring time with the likes of Brother Mugabe whose odds of seeing the inside of the Hague are considerably longer than my odds of seeing the inside of Gwyneth Paltrow’s bedchamber.

Still, the Tranzis might live to regret it. Comrade Mugabe is in the process of setting a precedent and precedents tend to get followed. That’s why they’re called precedents. Trouble is, a whole load of other people might live to regret it as well.

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