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Be afraid. Be very afraid

By August 1999, Norfolk farmer Tony Martin had had enough. After suffering a string of burglaries, he bought himself a shotgun. The next time he was burgled, by Fred Barrass and Brendon Fearon he used it. Barrass was killed, Fearon was wounded and the British State, outraged at the impertinence of this man in defending his home, saw to it that Martin was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison (the charge was subsequently reduced to manslaughter on appeal but Martin still languishes in jail).

Now, in a development of Swiftian absurdity, that poor, wounded little lamb Fearon is suing Martin for damages. He will, alas, have no trouble in finding lawyers to represent him and not just prosecute his case but do so with missionary zeal and conviction.

When I was first dating my wife (a barrister) I had occasion to meet most of her colleagues nearly all of whom were not so much lawyers as left-wing activists who had simply chosen the vehicle of the legal profession to press home their visions.

These people were ideologically and professionally committed to (a) screwing landlords, (b) destroying men in divorce cases, (c) protecting and succouring every scumbag thief and burglar (especially where they knew for sure he was guilty), (d) bankrupting employers, (e) trying (though thankfully failing) to ensure that men had no defence to rape allegations.

These people are probably quite senior now and they’re mouths will be watering at the thought of getting Tony Martin in court and stripping him of whatever few assets he has left. As far as they are concerned, Fearon is the innocent victim and Martin a fascist, racist monster.

I realise that this sounds like yet another ‘reactionary rant’ but I assure you I have experienced these obnoxious creatures first-hand and, if anything, I am understating the case. What is truly scary is that, in five to ten years, they will almost certainly be sitting on the benches in judgement.

I was wholly unsurprised to learn that Fearon had been given Legal-Aid (taxpayer funding) to pursue his claim. There is a certain horrid symmetry to it; the State that ruined Tony Martin’s life may as well move in to finish the job. Fearon will almost certainly win his claim and Martin will lose his home.

I would dearly love to endorse Dale Amon’s advice below to my fellow Britons but, in all good conscience, I can’t. In a country where raising your hands in self-defence is among the worst crimes you can commit, it is far less costly to simply let the barbarians in and take what they will.

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