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Whisky – Whiskey

I was going just to email the guys at Liberty Log, but then I thought, no, it’s an interesting item of dirty washing, worth doing in (approximately speaking) public. There’s nothing like a little unpleasantness between comrades to keep us all honest and any passing non-comrades entertained.

And the bit of dirt is: when alluding to and linking to Freedom and Whisky for the first time, they spelt it “Freedom and Whiskey“. (Or they did when I looked. Maybe by the time you get to bother with this they will have been e-heckled by F&W‘s David Farrer into correcting the matter.)

Scotch whisky is whisky. Whiskey with an e is Irish Whisky. That’s what my extremely Little Oxford Dictionary says, and how it says it: whiskey n. Irish whisky.

I guess that’s what happens when some English guys, an American and a Slovakian are running a club based at a Scottish University. They try to be Scottish, but every so often their alien underwear shows through.

Maybe I’m being all superior about this whisky/whiskey thing because I’ve only just learned it myself. When I first set eyes on the words “Freedom and Whisky” at the top of Freedom and Whisky, my immediate, instant reaction was: Holy Christ on a Buffalo he’s mis-spelt the title of his own blog!

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