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Sex, drugs, rock and roll…but no jail and no safety net

Blogger Susanna Cornett disagreed with my earlier post Free love or fight

Here’s the reality: Believing there are appropriate and inappropriate contexts for sexual activity that should be socially enforced is not inherently “anti-sexual”, and no more or less than what Amon does. Maybe conservatives and libertarians are more alike than he thinks.

If I want to go on the road with a rock band and over the course of 10 years sleep with 1000 women (like at least one heavy metal star claims), and if all were willing and if I have taken appropriate precautions against the negative outcomes, then it is my prerogative to live that lifestyle. I have used no force, I have coerced no one, and I’ve had a jolly good ten years.

If a well known gay blogger suddenly decided he wanted quantity and variety and went to gay orgies every night, but took precautions then that is his business.

It is true that I would call for the repeal of all laws of victimless crimes. I’d also call for the removal of all public assistance for those who partake of those life styles and get burnt. You are free to do it – but on your own shilling.

I have no problem with nonviolent social enforcement. If I live in your town and you absolutely hate my life style, you don’t have to talk to me or do business with me. If enough people agree with you, I might find it best to move elsewhere.

The government has no place whatever in sexual matters.

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