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Sex, choices and why I despise conservatives

I am slowly catching up with articles posted in my absence, and I really have to add my 2p about Kevin Holtsberry’s opinions on that lad in Australia. In two short words: They Suck. Any man who would deny a 15 year old his last chance to experience the joys of sex before his premature demise is simply sick minded. If people like this were in a position to have actually prevented it, I would go further and simply call them Evil, on a par with the Communists with whom Natalja also compares them.

Personally, I found this one of the more touching stories of a year that had all too much evil in it. I am very glad that in at least one case love and humanity prevailed. This is at the heart of why we want a libertarian society. Without State power men of evil intent will not have the power to prevent acts of compassion and kindness.

And in any case… there is always Las Vegas. 😉

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