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Libertarian goes to college: don’t say the “g” word or you end up in jail!

Well, wow, what a day this was. I had no choice but to blog this story, because it is so darn perfect. I could have put it on my blog (that is a secret), but it just fit better on Samizdata.

It was the first time in a long time I got in trouble for defending an idea of mine (last time was three years ago). This time it was that nasty G word that the college elite love to hate. Guns! We libertarians love them (or at least I do). They give us an ability to not be a ward of the state when it comes to defending our own life. I think that is really good. Yet, these darn profs hate the guns. I found this out when I argued in favor of gun rights and the second amendment today in class (it is a philosophy class) – I should have known better but I was feeling rebellious. After uttering a quick defense of guns, I was quickly sent to the Dean’s Office so that my gun slinging ideas could be mended to the “right path” – ironic that they call it right path, huh? As he booted me out the door, I was called a terrorist supporter by fellow students (well, the fellow students who were not drugged or hung over).

Now I should say here exactly what I said in class. My friend tape records the lectures and I was blessed with the ability to listen to my exact words and tone of voice. I said quite calmly that guns protect people from over zealous bureaucrats. I said that guns most certainly could be used for wrong, but no laws could ever prevent that.

When I reached the Dean’s Office, I was told that I was trying to threaten the life of the college rulers. Not at all! Before the police were called for me (or my parents) one of my more reasonable profs (not the one who sent me to the Dean’s office) vouched for my character and I was saved from the wrath of these gun hating Nazis (and I mean Nazis).

So, all this while I was in trouble for defending the second amendment, I had a nice taste of what it feels like to not have a first amendment. How many more years till graduation? Oh God, that many… HELP!

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