We are developing the social individualist meta-context for the future. From the very serious to the extremely frivolous... lets see what is on the mind of the Samizdata people.

Samizdata, derived from Samizdat /n. - a system of clandestine publication of banned literature in the USSR [Russ.,= self-publishing house]

Exploding technologies and other rapidly expanding things that can damage health or improve wealth…


Great concept. Great name. Looking forward to blogging it out.
I didn’t recognize some of the names on the invite list, but you mentioned they are all of similiar mindset. While that is a rather scary though vaguely comforting thought, I was wondering if we will be just preaching to the choir or if some of the others have a different enough perspective to keep things interesting.
Also, are you looking for mainly political oriented input or can we just sling in anything? As you know, I usually approach things from a technological viewpoint and am more interested in how the exploding technology shapes our lives and futures in ways we often don’t realize until greatly after the fact.

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