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Whereas a conservative writer might warn that humans are just as likely, if not more likely, to bungle things when applying past experience to new plans for society as when trying to fix their own private lives – and an optimistic libertarian writer might note that people are far more rational in planning their own lives than in planning others’ – left-liberals have a tendency to think that humans’ ability to plan collectively is inversely proportional to their ability to plan their lives as individuals.

Todd Seavey

H/t Quotulatiousness

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  • The Sanity Inspector

    And this is in part due to the faustian bargain leftist conclude with Leftism: The relief of ceasing to be responsible for yourself, in exchange for the exhilaration and affirmation of pretending to be responsible for everything else. Just sign the petition to Save Darfur! Free Tibet! Fight Racism! Make Poverty History! But, my student loans? My employment? My healthcare? My retirement? Well, the government really ought to do something about all that, oughtn’t they?

  • PeterT

    Case in point. My sister actually said that she wanted smoking to be banned to help her give it up.

  • bloke in spain

    “My sister actually said that she wanted smoking to be banned to help her give it up.”

    I was told it would help me give it up.

    I was sorely tempted to take a baseball bat to them.

  • CaptDMO

    “…left-liberals have a tendency to think that humans’ ability to plan collectively….”
    Except that “planning”, and “enforcing”, just never seems to end up decided collectively.
    We the people…, …Of, by, and For “the people”, …But you can’t fool ALL “the people”, ALL the time. etc. ad nauseam.
    The delusion of democracy sounds great, until it doesn’t. Oddly, it’s the folks who end up finding “solace” under the namesake “Democrat” tent….

    Once upon a time there was a wolf who wore sheep’s clothing….
    Once upon a time some mice decided that “belling” the cat was a good idea…

  • PeterT

    Bloke in Spain, I had much the same temptation. It was during Christmas dinner though, so a threat of being thrown out of my house had to suffice.

  • Nick (Blame FrenchMEN) Gray

    As for cigarette bans, here in Australia, the nanny state banned advertising a few years back- but sales seem to be increasing! I don’t know how long this needs to go on before it is an established fact, but it seems like the law has backfired.

  • Sceptical Antagonist

    Going back to the OP, I can think of people in my locality whose ability to plan would fit into each of these categories.
    Is the quote not just seeing a political slant where there isn’t one?