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Wishing friends of liberty an Easter…

…in which delicious rabbits and eggs feature prominently



6 comments to Wishing friends of liberty an Easter…

  • Cynewulf

    LOL, you just did that to freak out the vegetarians, didn’t you 😛

    That does look yummy though I must say!

  • Molly

    Poor Mister Rabbit looks a bit perplexed! I made rabbit as well for my lot too. Are those shallots I see?

  • Designated Dawg Poop Picker Upper

    I’m curious… is there anything that the head can be used for?

  • Julie near Chicago

    Well, what kind of a dumb-bunny would post a photo like that for Easter! *SEVERE* frown.

    Nevertheless, I hope that all Samizdatistas and guests (and their friends and families) have had, or are having, a joyous Easter or Pesach, as the case may be. Insofar as it is possible for those of us who are stuck in this Vale of Tears, that is. 🙁


  • Wot? You don’t like Mr (?) Bunny? 😀

  • Julie near Chicago

    Wellll … normally I don’t object wotsoever to him when properly potted. Still, how can he hide eggs in that condition? LOL

    But I’m sure he was delicious, Perry, and I hope you folks feasted happily and heartily. :>))