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Hello Mr Dictator, your doctor with the sharp knife will see you shortly

Well, for all his Marxist ideology, collectivist ruination of Zimbabwe’s once-strong agriculture sector and destruction of its currency, it appears that only the best of capitalist medicine will do for the bastard:

HARARE (Reuters) – President Robert Mugabe is in Singapore for an eye operation ahead of his 90th birthday on Friday, a spokesman said, maintaining a government denial that Zimbabwe’s long-serving ruler is suffering from prostate cancer.

George Charamba said Mugabe, Africa’s oldest president, left Harare on Monday and would be back in the country for birthday celebrations on Saturday.

“This is a routine check-up, a routine cataract operation for his left eye whose date was set down more than a year ago and the president has gone out to fulfil that appointment,” Charamba told Reuters on Tuesday.

“There is nothing more than that, nothing serious” he said, dismissing speculation that Mugabe is struggling with his health. “He had a right eye operation a couple of years ago and he is going to have the other attended to now.”

So if it is a routine matter, why does this man have to fly thousands of miles, churning out all that carbon, which as we know, is causing the planet to get so much warmer (stop the sarcasm, Ed.)?

Or maybe the fellow wants to do a bit of shopping down in Orchard Road?

6 comments to Hello Mr Dictator, your doctor with the sharp knife will see you shortly

  • Mr Ed

    Odd, I thought Cuban medicine was the best, better even than our beloved NHS. Why didn’t he get this op on the UK’s Overseas Aid budget in an NHS Slaughterhouse, er, hospital?

  • Paul Marks

    As that font of wisdom “Al Jazeera” has pointed out (supported by all the tax paid scientists) – global warming is indeed the cause of North America freezing.

    You see the artic warming causes the Jetstream to slow down, thus making everything colder (the Atlantian Crystals are also vastly important – as used by the Martians).

    As for Comrade Bob……

    He is making a great sacrifice by going to a private hospital – rather than avail himself of (vastly better) government treatment.

    You see Comrade Bob wishes to share the suffering of the masses, ruthlessly exploited in Capitalist lands.

  • Ljh

    Private health care south of the border is pretty good as is the shopping but then I don’t think he wants to be recognised by the several million Zimbabwean refugees from his regime living and working in South Africa.

  • Eric Tavenner

    He probably thinks that if he goes under anethestia in Zimbabwe he will never wake up.

  • Ernie G

    When he does his shopping down in Orchard Road, will he be using pound notes or those cool Z$100,000,000 notes?

  • marc

    I thought the newsreader on bbc radio 2 or 4 was going to do a rendition of happy bithday to you .