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Sad news

I am very sad to hear the news that a libertarian acquaintance of mine, Richard Garner, has died at a young age. I don’t know any more details. Richard used to write a fair number of excellent comments over at this blog’s comment threads. I used to like chatting to him at conferences and other gatherings; I remember getting a cheery invite from him to join him and others at the recent “rally against debt” in central London.

My condolences to his family and many friends. He will be missed.

2 comments to Sad news

  • Paul Marks

    Sad news.

    I had heard it from another source, but when I tried to write a few words (explaining why Richard Garner took the position he did) the other source went nuts.

    So I will just keep it at “sad news – my condolences”.

    The sort of stuff we English say at such times.

  • Indeed. Very sad. Knew his writings better than I knew him, but both will be missed.