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“Government” money

As a BBC news announcer gave out the round of story headlines this morning on the television, I heard this particular classic of its type connected to this story about extremism and universities:

“Government money is no longer going to be given to Islamic extremists”.

First of all, there is, as readers of this blog know, no such thing as “government money”. All money spent by government is, despite what some might believe, owned by you, the taxpayer, or lent to it, by other people. Second, it is not just appalling that money levied on pain of imprisonment (taxes) is then transferred to people who want to impose a particular worldview on their fellows; it would be just as bad if the money were to be given to the forces of sweetness and light. No such groups, whether it be Islamic Jihad, The Women’s Institute or the Worshipful Company of Bald People, should receive a penny from the taxpayer. End of subject.

13 comments to “Government” money

  • Paul Marks

    Good post.

  • Quite why the government ever felt the need to give money to any religious group is beyond me. Actually the whole thing is quite sinister and gets close to thought-crime. Undergraduates have all sorts of daffy ideas. But they are mainly about as effectual as Wolfie Smith. So the government will no longer fund the People’s Front of Judea. Magic! The whole thing was a cock-up from start to finish. And it was because of such vague ideas as “radicalization” or “extremism”.

  • RRS

    Say, have y’all heard of Tax Expeditures?

    Goes right along with Government Money.

  • John B

    Yes, the best thing that any “government” can do for the people is to make itself as small and un-felt as possible. These people are, of course, really about making themselves ever more powerful, as kings, and so any field of activity they can interfere with and push around is a source of benefit to them.
    And yes, the only wealth they have is what they take from people who actually produce stuff that people need and want.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes “cutting tax expenditures” actually means “increasing taxes”.

    That is one of the examples of “Obama math” – it is the “cuts” that fools (or worse) claim Obama wants.

  • Jerry

    Over on this side one endlessly hears ‘federal dollars’ will be granted/given/provided for this or that project/need.

    Most breathe an ignorant sigh of relief knowing that THEY will not have to pay the bill – it will be paid from that magic horn-of-plenty that is kept hidden under the nation’s capitol dome ( the same place that
    800 BILLION dollars magically appeared to save us all last year !! )
    The scope of ignorance in how an economy works, even on the most basic level, ( what on earth do you mean when you say – the only way government, ANY government, gets money is by reaching into YOUR pocket, or mine, and TAKING it, BY FORCE if necessary !! ) is both annoying and frightening.

    The other reference that grates on my nerves is the word democracy being used to describe the United States ( been hearing this from every direction for decades ! ).
    Sorry, the United States is NOT a democracy and never has been !!!
    But if you use ‘Constitutional Republic’ to describe the United States, you get from the vast majority of ‘people’ a blank stare similar to that of a herd of fatted cattle ( wait, I may be onto something here !! ).

  • Steven Rockwell

    In Stevenrockwelltopia, Election Day is the day after Tax Day. Tax Day requires a session that breaks down the current and proposed budget, then you pay your tax and get a receipt. No tax receipt, no voting. As much as I’m a fan of no taxation without representation, the older I get the more I also beleive in no representation without taxation.

    Of course, Stevenrockwelltopia also includes no benefits for politicians once they are out of office, an FBI agent assigned to each elected official or appointed judge to investigate their every action and crawl up their butts (financially speaking), the right of the people to throw rotten food at politicians at any time, the option to recall all politicians at any time, no law against tarring and feathering politicians, lobbyists hanging from streetlights, open doors to all government proceedings not involving criminal investigations, diplomatic and military operations, and personnel matters, and life at hard labor for any public corruption.

  • Jonathan

    I smiled when the spokeswoman for the Universities said that they wanted to encourage freedom of speech and genuine debate on Campus, that’s why they were against banning radical Imams. I wonder, if that’s the case, when they’ll be inviting Nick Griffin round to give a talk?

  • John B

    You are not wrong, Jonathan.
    That was my thought when she said that, indeed!

  • Laird

    Steve, may I come and live in Stevenrockwelltopia?

  • Steven Rockwell

    Laird, you are more than welcome to move to Stevenrockwelltopia. Just make sure you have your immigration paperwork in order because our Illegal Immigrant Relocation Program involves a trebuchet at the border (or beach as the case may be).

  • If you really want to destroy Islamic extremism, you should make it the official state religion of the UK, and put Rowan Williams in charge of it.

  • RRS

    This may not add much to the discussion, but there is a linkage to the habit of reification of “The Government” “The State” “the Council” etc etc

    The only REAL beings are the people within those structures – and somebody put them there, they didn’t just grow organically like fungus (despite some similarities).