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Wikileaks reveals the most stunning… er… revelation… of all

If you think the previous leaks were amazing, check out this.

10 comments to Wikileaks reveals the most stunning… er… revelation… of all

  • Dave Walker

    That certainly tickles my funny bone 🙂

    Still, it also makes me wonder why parents continue to fill their childrens’ heads full of crap such as Santa Claus, and what, if anything, will make them stop.

    Similarly, considering the number of complaints to OFCOM, why do children need to be “protected” from the sight of a bunch of attractive ladies performing a song and dance number, before the “watershed”?

    Might it actually benefit human development, if children were not fed lies and not subjected to censorship, by their parents?

  • 'Nuke' Gray

    Dave, Santa claus fulfils the vital function of making people dependent on an outside entity, one who will grant all their wishes if they are good. Statists need him to help socialism seem like an acceptable alternative when kidlings grow bigger. (Whilst growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!)
    And, no, I am not just another bitter person named Nick who is forced to be nice to kids because I’m a natural for Saint Nicholas! Alright, I am, but it’s not the ONLY reason!)

  • Dave Walker

    That said, Santa Claus serves an interesting purpose, in encouraging scepticism.

    Once a child finds out that Santa Claus is a lie, then provided they have (or develop) abilities of analogy and deduction, they will naturally start wondering (and maybe asking) what other things their parents have been lying to them about, or hiding from them.

    “Is Santa Claus a worthwhile straw man in human character development? Discuss” ;-).

  • PaulH

    And there was me thinking it was just a bit of fun and wonder for little kids. I can see I’m going to have to redouble the random beatings to help remind them that life is nasty, brutish and short.

  • I’m going to have to redouble the random beatings

    It sounds like you are already doing more than enough, Paul H.:-)

  • If the random beatings don’t work, there’s always the Home Enhanced Interrogation kit from Sharper Image. It’s for more than just interrogation. Maybe it’ll show up on the Amazon Friday Sale.

  • And here was me, thinking Sharper Image was just for mundane things, like private submarines…

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    When kids see through the Santa myth, they start to grasp the concept of deception, followed by the realization that “adults lie”.
    Which prepares them nicely to see through the religious deception that piled on them high and deep. Some of the smarter, street-wise kids eventually see through this pernicious superstition, however for the more gullible rubes, the head lice of humanity have a mug punter for life. Rather like addictive drugs.