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Festive greetings from Samizdata HQ

Greetings from Samizdata HQ and best wishes to friends of liberty everywhere.

Tonight we feast on a roasted beast upon which Adriana has worked her sorcery, celebrating all the wonders that our modern technological society has wrought.

Wishing a year of champagne for our real friends, and real pain for our sham friends. Have a splendid Christmas, be it Godly or godless, as is your wont.

Perry de Havilland, Alec Muffet, Adriana Lukas, Michael Jennings & Brian Micklethwait behind the camera

32 comments to Festive greetings from Samizdata HQ

  • Bod

    I see no address or time, so I can’t RSVP on your party. I’m crushed.

    Have a wonderful Chrstmas Eve Dinner, whether your leanings are sacred or secular.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Have a good one, Perry! Another year
    almost over. Bests to everyone.

  • Yumm…

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Thomas

    Should say as is your wont. Want, used as a noun, means lack or poverty.

    A year of itching without benefit of scratching to socialists and fellow travelers everywhere.

  • RAB

    Stuff Turkey! you cant beat a goose.

    Have to be in Cardiff in a few hours so reluctantly cant be with you, even if I ever did get invited 😉

    Have a wonderful time and happy Christmas to everyone involved in Samizdata.

  • Thomas, ‘want’ can also be understood as synonymous to desire: something someone wants. I’ll second your, um, second point.

  • Alisa,

    “Want” in that sense would have to be a verb. As a noun, “want” means “the lack of something.”

    // Pedantic Man strikes again!

    Happy holidays to all.

  • Um, actually that might be an adjective, not a noun. Bah humbug….

  • Mastiff: do the clicky thingy above. Anyway, I blame Thomas – he started it! Happy holidays to all, pedants and mere mortals alike:-)

  • John B

    And best wishes for Christmas and the year ahead.

  • Thanks for the menu -now I know what I’ll attempt on New Year’s Eve
    (maybe not so elaborate, as I don’t expect throngs of guests, as you Samizdata HQ do)

    Happy Holidays for you, Adriana and your guests – and and I’ll second your toast.

  • frak

    Happy New Year and happy holidays to everyone at Samizdata.net. Thank you for this blog.

    BTW, the merchandise link on the left sidebar does not work. Do you guys still sell t-shirts/other merch so I can advertise this wonderful conspiracy and continue to irritate my liberal democrat friends and relatives just by standing? Thanks.

  • Alec

    Bah, Bumhug and Merry Saturnalia to one and all.

  • Laird

    I’m glad to see that even in a “holiday wishes” post the pedants come out! It wouldn’t be Samizdata without them (er, us).

    Anyway, enjoy your feast (sounds wonderful) and thank you for hosting this splendid website. Best wishes to all for 2010!

  • Enjoy the day, Perry. One of these days I’m going to try to get a goose for Christmas, like Scrooge – don’t know if one can even get them in Northern Virginia.

    My offering for the season: “Christ, Christianity, and Christmas”:


  • Yes, I must do something about that frak… stand by… anyone care to suggest an alternative to Cafe Press?

  • Kathy Staab

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! The best thing this past year was finding this blog. What a breath of fresh air!

  • Bjarni

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, guys.

  • Looks like a splendid feast. Happy Festivus to all. And yes, here’s hoping for a better 2010, and confusion to our enemies…

  • Tomas

    Happy holidays from Prague!

  • Merry Christmas Samizdatistas, I hope you get everything you want!

  • RW

    Looks good, apart from the Brussels sprouts. The devil’s vegetable!

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Paul Marks

    Good to see people having a pleasant time.

    And do not dare anyone cite that I said that – it would ruin my reputation as an enemy of all joy.

  • RW, not the way I make them! These are brussels sprouts for people not fond of them – me being one of those people…

  • RRS

    Ah! But what was the wine?

  • Merry Christmas Samizdata people! I am grateful to all the Samizdatistas for all they have done in keeping this site alive and kicking these past eight years or so. Long may you continue to act.

    Brussels sprouts – fueling the perfect response to hubris of all kinds since Roman times!

    “These are brussels sprouts for people not fond of them…”

    I presume you stuffed them Adriana, hence the “with parmasan and almonds” bit?

  • Very pertinent question, RRS. 🙂

    Nothing particularly grand, just a few good value, decent bottles: Domaine Baillard Chablis 2007 with the starter and Chateau Grand-Jour Bordeaux Rouge 2007, Marques De Carano Reserva 2004 with the main course. And some Lagrima white port for dessert, courtesy of Michael Jennings.

  • stephen ottridge

    our Christmas Eve dinner was much simpler, cold cooked Dungeness crab, green salad with a very light dressing and hot sourdough bread. Bollinger to start then a very fine white from BC. Desert a chocolate, cranberry tart followed by Courvoisier.
    That leaves room for the turkey and all the fixins in about 3 hours time on Christmas day, especially the brussels sprouts.

  • Love brussels sprouts!

  • Lemons and limes with goose? That sounds a very interesting combination, glad to see it apparently worked :-).

    Happy 2010 to all the Samizdataistas, and hope you find plenty in the various General Election campaigns to shred without mercy :-).

  • It worked magnificently Dave! Goose is a very fatty bird and the citrus cuts it superbly.