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Sometimes, it is hard not to love America

Baconnaise Lite (for the health conscious).

Thanks to Glenn.

6 comments to Sometimes, it is hard not to love America

  • amphiboly

    Thanks for this, Michael.

    But I think your URL had a typo: this should have been the correct one:
    J & D’s Baconnaise, Bacon Flavored Spread.
    Of course, there’s the recent NY Times article on The Bacon Explosion, a recipe invented in Kansas City, MO, USA:
    Take Bacon. Add Sausage. Blog.

  • Even more worryingly, look at the regular (non light) version and see the customer review:
    “It has no pork in it, which is great for vegetarians”.

  • guy herbert


    I think you left out, “… but some American food is very hard to love.” I’ve never come to terms with the predominance of ersatz.

  • being our anglospheric cousins, its hard not to show love for America; however, after dealing with Adobe and there rubbish customer service, and potentially watching Obama take the same line on israel, I am starting to think about my judgements. Most of the world understand that most of key issues with security lay not with Iraq etc but Palenstine, or rather the lack of it. And yes, I am a white, christian, Englishman!

  • From bacon sauce to Palestine in 5 comments; wow!

    Speaking of which, if it contains no bacon and is good for vegetarians, presumably it’s good for our dietarily-restricted religious friends, too?