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Cause and Effect

The weather has been cold this year, yet we did not take proper precautions for the likely consequences. These events should not have taken us by surprise. After all, it is in the data.


On the brighter side, the clear increase in the number of pirates indicates that global warming is receding as a problem. This is good to see.

The picture has been very respectfully stolen from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I hope they do not mind.

11 comments to Cause and Effect

  • Dom

    The x-axis must be mislabeled, no? Why does it go from 35K to 45K then to 20K?

  • Cleanthes

    His noodly appendage will be after you if you go stealing his pictures. That’ll be… wait for it… piracy?

  • View from the Solent

    re Dom.
    His ways are mysterious. Pasta be with you.

  • I’m concerned that you might have misinterpreted your source.

    There, the claim is that global warming (and other listed disasters) are caused by the lack of obeisance to the Flying Spaghetti Monster through not enough wearing of pirate uniform.

    You seem to be claiming the converse, that the increase in piracy (which is, perhaps, subtly different from an increase in pirate uniform wearing – of which more later) is due to the very recent fall in global temperature.

    It is important to get your theology the right way round, difficult though that is with correlation being symmetrical in its derivation and (hence) observation. Otherwise we might get problems with claims that God is created by worship – a dangerous variant on saving Tinkerbell by shouting “I believe in fairies” – with very likely far worse consequences.

    Returning to the issue of uniform, the more sophisticated may see the possibility of a double win: increased wearing of pirate uniform without a corresponding increase in piracy. This could well restore global temperatures to their proper place (irritating the greens and improving agricultural production round here). However, we must beware of the possibility that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is not really interested in uniform wearing, but in actual piratical behaviour; also that he/it might be sufficiently omnipotent (is that a tautology?) to see through the lack of sincerity.

    Thus another complexity is added to the theological/economic case for reduction in CO2 emissions.

    These are stunningly difficult issues. Before acting, think carefully or pray for guidance, according to your beliefs.

    Best regards

  • I didn’t write this piece, but it is the best post I have read in a long time. I am sharing it with my readers, I’m passing it along to you. It is pure mind candy. One commenter wrote:

    If this were an essay on economics, it would be the best essay on economics I’ve read in a year or more.

    If this were an essay on social structures, it would be the best essay on social structures I’ve read on a year or more.

    If this were an essay on conservative versus reformer mindsets, it would be the best essay on *that* that I’ve read in a year or more.

    In fact, it was all three of those things, and I’m frankly stunned at how excellently you’ve made so many points in such a short space.



  • Al W

    Maybe there’s something to this chart.. .After all, the planet has been cooling for the last few years, and there has been an increase in pirate activity near Somalia…

  • orcadrvr

    The Indian Navy just dispatched a number of Pirates to Davey Jones’ Locker. Ought this to result in a perceptible reduction in global warming?
    If the British and US Navy follow suit, then a precipitous culling of pirates could result in “global cooling”, a phenomenon noted by the media in the 70’s, never again remarked upon by that media since then.
    Is there an optimal level of piracy that will hold global climates in equipoise?
    Isn’t there a government grant available for someone to research these issues?

  • Hah. Coincidentally, I just posted about this a couple of days ago. Royal Navy Endangers Planet

    This irresponsible action by the Royal Navy puts us all at grave risk of falling over the tipping point. The planet had actually begun to cool before they went mucking about with the number of pirates!

  • anticentralist

    Darn! We were SO close! Just another year or two of putting up with hot years, and the pirates would have stopped breeding, and died out!!!

  • J.M. Heinrichs

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