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The Home Office in action (II)

It may be disgustingly authoritarian, but it is risibly incompetent too. It appears the Home Office has just spent a very large amount of UK readers’ money making a vast online advertisement for NO2ID. We’d despaired of reaching ‘the youth’ ourselves, too expensive. I’m very glad they decided to do it for us.

With audience participation. Which embarrassingly for the Home Office shows ‘kids’ not to be quite the suckers they’d hoped. Enjoy.

13 comments to The Home Office in action (II)

  • Evan

    I have yet to see a single person in support of the scheme. (Bear in mind that moderators are not human.)

    We want to know what you think, so contribute contribute contribute. Don’t be shy.

    That won’t last.

  • guy herbert

    Yeah, but this is the Home Office – they won’t have arranged moderation overnight and at the weekends. By Monday morning it’ll be real horrorshow, in the full nadsat connotation.

  • Of course one wonders how many of the commenters on the site are actually yoof and how many are sheep in lamb’s clothing as it were…

    Mind you from some of the things they have said it seems clear that the home office apparatchiks can’t understand why anyone would be against an ID card. And this despite the almost daily proof that their scheme is going to skimp on the biometric identification part to save money despite the importance of a unique biometric for the ID card to work as intended.

    (see this article in re the skimping)

  • Sam Duncan

    Ah, out of the mouths of crackpot Home Office Schemes…
    My life, my ID. Spot on, fellas. So hands off.

  • See IanB? There is hope after all, it seems that the ‘yoof’ (if indeed that is what they are, it could be anyone posting comments on that site) are not as blind to the government’s perfidy as we might believe.

    With youth comes passion and if enough of them are passionate enough then this gov’t, or even system of gov’t, has not got long to live.

    I look forward to the revolution, it will be led by the youth which is as I type being marginalised, demonized and victimised by the state. Such behaviour can not go unpunished for very long.

  • ResidentAlien

    I notice in the terms and conditions that those who are not “contributing” may have their memberships revoked.

    After 15 minutes my username has not been verified. Do you think that they are running it through a database to cross reference the e-mail I gave with records of “non-contributive” comments sent to e.g. the number 10 petitions malarkey? Or, do you think they are just incompetent and slow?

  • The ID card and associated data base is most essential to prevent identity theft. The fraud goes right to the top,the Prime Minister himself has stolen his identity from a Victorian Novel. The Home Secretary does not know who she is without it being written down.The Foreign Secretary thinks he is prime ministerial material. Ear tag the lot of them.

  • Paul

    There is hope. There are libertarians and authoritarians in all walks of life. Most people I know don’t think about it very much: it just doesn’t occur to them. When it does cross people’s minds though they get very defensive. Witness CCTV. People are all too happy to have this horrid things snap us everywhere but you try photograph someone in a town centre… this government treats young people as though they were scum off their shoe – Mosquitoes, curfews, CCTV, constant demands for ID (if you’re 24 you have to prove you’re 18 to buy booze? Seriously?) and everything else.

    I’m dead-set against ID cards right from the beginning too. Must get that NO2ID membership renewed.

    My reply to the Home Office’s website? Speak to us as though we’re people and not moving objects to be traced and monitored and you might get somewhere.

  • By Passer

    Trixy has an interesting post here(Link):

  • From
    Tales of Futures Past


    London is a crumbling city of violence and oppression populated by an increasingly impoverished citizenry. Cameras are everywhere watching everyone. People speak in guarded tones, fearful that someone will overhear them say something that is contrary to the ever changing political orthodoxy. History is despised and altered at a whim. Intent on interfering with every aspect of people’s lives, the institutions of society have been abolished or subverted to the state and the transparent doublespeak betrays a ruling party drunk with power.

    But let’s leave Tony Blair’s Britain of the 21st century and turn our attention to George Orwell’s (1903-1950) 1984; a tale unparalleled for pure distilled and bottled despair…..

  • Jim in Texas

    On a separate note, there’s actually a school named “Shooters Hill“? How, in your gunless society, did that not get changed??

  • I just now popped over to take a look, 2345 hrs 12 July. 1 logged in, 7 guests.

    Quite a draw.

  • John Self

    A joke.

    I tried to register for the forums. They repeatedly insist my email address (a word, followed by an underscore, followed by another word) at yahoo.co.uk is an ‘invalid’ address. When I went to their ‘contact’ page to report this error it comes up with the following message – ‘Access denied
    You do not have the required permissions to access this page. If you believe this message to be in error, please contact a site administrator.’
    So no way to report the error.

    I haven’t the time right now to set up an entirely new email account, but I might do later on (it can’t be the underscore, surely?). I can’t help but wonder if they’re already ‘less than keen’ on accepting new registrants to their little forum.

    Debate? Not likely.