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Damn it

I just heard that blogger and soldier Andrew Olmsted was killed in Iraq last Thursday. Very sad news indeed. I used to read him quite often back when he posted on his own blog, before DOD policy put a stop to that. I only knew him slightly (we exchanged a few e-mails) but he seemed like a great guy and he shared my long standing dislike of a certain left wing US blogger.

Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

5 comments to Damn it

  • Paul Marks

    Sad news indeed.

    Let us hope that victory is his memorial.

  • C. J. Rogers

    There is something especially tragic when a fellow fighter for freedom dies. You feel like he could have been your friend, but chance never allowed it for some reason.

  • Midwesterner

    Andrew Olmsted is a name that I knew of from my blog reading but didn’t really remember specifics about him. When I read Glenn Reynolds post, I followed the links. The more I read, all I could think of was the loss. He clearly was one of the good guys. And a pretty funny and articulate one at that.

    If the novel he wrote ever gets published, maybe we will hear about it. I think I’d like to buy a copy and give it a read. Thank you for that additional link, TomG.

  • TomG

    Very welcome – just took the time early this morn to read the entire article – and he must’ve been a really special person. As others said, what a great loss! Would be interesting to read his novel someday.