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The stars his destination

A great secret has been revealed. Personally I think it explains a lot. Brian Micklethwait is really Gully Foyle.

3 comments to The stars his destination

  • I always thought that was common knowledge given the way he just appears and disappears!

  • Patrick B

    Putting aside the “separated at birth” moment, thank goodness “Stars My Destination”/”Tiger, Tiger” is back in print. At age 14 I spent some hours straining to “jaunt” when I could have been advancing my education with ‘Playboy’.

    I recently was asked by a literate 14 year old what were, in my opinion, the best SciFi novels. My answer was “Stars . . “/”Tiger, Tiger” and Iain Banks’ “Consider Phlebas”. The latter, and its Culture successors, present a full realised universe, with deep philosophical underpinnings. Pressed for a third, I added the original “Ringworld”.

  • cirby

    Quant suff.