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Samizdata quote of the day

“Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy”.

Groucho Marx (the Marx who actually had intelligent things to say about money).

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  • RAB

    A man after my own heart!!
    As, like him, both of my hands are firmly on my wallet.
    Let’s not forget that he made his “Fuck You ” money by dint of hard work and the help of the family. Yeah even unto Zeppo!
    Being a comic genius helped a bit too, I suppose.

  • Jacob

    Wiser than Karl.

  • Or my personal favourite.

    Money won’t make you happy but you sure can be miserable in comfort …….

  • Bandit

    A different version of the reference to a $h!t sandwich – the more bread you have, the less $h!t you have to eat.

  • It can reasonably be asserted that this philosophy is manifested in the behavior of the characters represented by Groucho.

  • The Pathetic Earthling

    This is actually a riff from part of Karl Marx’s criticism of capitalism in that capitalism inexorably replaces labor with capital. Karl apparently thought that was bad. Groucho sees that that’s good.

  • Any of you ever attend a Marxist-Lennonist Party?

    You know — watch a Marx brothers movie and listen to Beatles music? Party all night?

  • RAB

    Chuck I once got very stoned with friends when I was at University and the highlight of the night was
    watching the Marx Brothers movie which had
    Harpo playing a penny whistle and leading a chorus of black urchins in
    Diddly dit de do!!

    Who dat Man!!
    The origins of rap music, in my opinion (thesis to follow).
    Then, we all started looking at each other and muttering about Deja Vu. It was quite good stuff!

    But no, we were not loosing it big time.
    Someone at the BBC had put the same reel on twice.
    Nobody complained.
    Would you?

  • old sarge

    My head hurts. How the hell did I get here??