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The 18 Doughty Street Channel

I wish these guys all the very best of luck in breaking the lock of the mainstream media on broadcast television in Britain and political coverage in particular. I am not sure if this outfit is going to feature a lot in my viewing habits, though. Given that I have to look at current affairs news quite a bit as part of my day job in London’s financial centre, I actually deliberately avoid too much of the same when I get home, preferring to read a book, go to the gym, see a movie or just hang out with my lovely wife. But for the political trainspotters out there, this sort of venture should be a boon.

My only carp at this stage is why choose such a dull name? Maybe there is some sort of perverse appeal about it.

8 comments to The 18 Doughty Street Channel

  • lucklucky

    Not being from the British culture for me their promo video just appeared to show the same useless easy of every TV news with same promo words. In short they didnt show a diferent cultural view or a diferent way to do things.

  • guy herbert

    The name: You don’t think that could be the facilities house they are using getting payment in kind, by any chance?

  • M. in Boston

    What’s wrong with the name? I think it’s fitting, even if it’s just coincidential to their address. My beloved 1930s vintage Shorter OED defines “doughty” as follows:

    “Capable, virtuous, valiant, formidable – now considered somewhat arch, and often jocose.”

    Given their stated aims, it seems apt. I wish them luck.

  • guy herbert

    Nothing wrong with the name, per se. Doughty Street Chambers is a very well known civil liberties set, and the same street was the home of the Spectator for many years. Both rejoice in the connotations of doughty, no dought doubt, It’s the inclusion of the number that’s so odd.

  • The first thing the name reminded me of is 18 Mila Street, headquarters of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Am I the only one?

  • guy herbert

    It didn’t me. If that were the allusion it would be more repugnantly bathetic than the implicit likening by the founders of Charter 88 of the Thatcher government with the Husak regime – but Ian & co aren’t like that.

    One can’t, of course, control how one is interpreted, and making allusions is always dangerous, as I know to my cost. But I’d suggest 18 is entirely coincidental in this case, and the exact site of the Warsaw uprising is sufficiently obscure that is is just you…

  • I think it’s a great name!

    Scott Doughty

  • i do like the name no doubt but i do not get to kow why use number 18.
    the cause is good and we are out to ‘liberty out’ ourselves