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Israel scores a direct hit on the enemy.

9 comments to Proportionality

  • Freeman

    Once again we have some questionable information from the media. I feel it unlikely that a rocket fired from an airplane would do so little damage to a vehicle. Looks more like an odd 20mm shell. Any comment from military experts?

  • David Crawford

    Considering that al-Reuters has been pretty much acting as Hezbollah’s propaganda arm during this war, I’d say it was perectly proportional.

  • lucklucky

    Once again the stupidity and ignorance of Media shows.
    If it was a missile hit there wouldnt be much of the car left.

  • KRM

    “al-Reuters” has reached a new level of depravity if this is a fake…. and from the looks of it, it is

  • Keith

    If it’s not fake (and it certainly wasn’t a missile) all I can say is:
    Nice shot!

  • veryretired

    I’m sorry, but this looks phony as hell. I’ve seen other photos of cars allegedly struck by Israeli missiles, and they’re burned out hulks, not just “damaged”.

    And the photo of the supposed victim has some very odd bloodstains distributed on parts of his clothes, but not on his white tee shirt directly underneath.

    As they say in “Ivanhoe”, I cry “foul craven”.

    (I don’t know what it means, but I like the “craven” part, esp. in this context.)

  • Cinnamon

    Oh no, how TRAGIC!

    He shoots, he scores!

    (and it would be a shame if it is a fake!)

  • Given that there has been much ado about supposed rocket attacks on ambulances that didn’t happen:


    And incidents where UN marked ambulances have been used to transport gunmen and missiles in and out of combat zones:


    Color me unconvinced that we are getting the whole story from Reuters.

  • Stuart

    Lighting your own f*rts would do more damage than this, who do they think they’re kidding? If this was an air-to-ground missile (designed to destroys tanks and fortified buildings), the Israelis ought to ask for their money back!
    Reuters should preface their reports with phrase ‘once upon a time’ ……….