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Rat tries to board floating ship

Omar Bakri Mohammed, the Islamic preacher thrown out of Britain for inciting Muslims to violence and calling for the Islamisation of the UK (quote: “The life of an unbeliever has no value, it has no sanctity”), wants the Royal Navy to evacuate him from the fighting in Lebanon. So he hates the UK but wants it to come to his rescue?

The Jews have a good expression expression for this: chutzpah

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28 comments to Rat tries to board floating ship

  • How in the world could a creature like that look itself in the eye?


  • Couldn’t the RN take him on board and then see how well he swims from somewhere between Lebanon and Cyprus.

  • Mike James

    Sod off, Omar Bakri.

  • The fact he would even try this on shows the contempt in which he holds non-Muslim people.

    Sad to say, I suspect you’ll find certain corners of the Guardian and ‘Independent’ reading public who probably think the RN should have pulled him out.

  • Keith

    Dammit, Francis beat me to it!

  • Just a Noo Yawk Chick

    yes, chutzpah is exactly the right word! sheesh.

  • Nick I

    It would surely be too cruel for us to condemn him to live among those he hates.

  • Uain

    I don’t get it.
    He is living among hate filled, violent psychopaths just like him, and he wants to get back to genteel England?
    Maybe it is that since he blends in so well with the local hizbullah nutters, he doesn’t feel he is getting any attention anymore.

  • Dave

    Pdh the fascist!

    What right does the evil state have to protect its citizens?!
    Freedom of movement for EVERYONE ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!

  • Idiot. That is the ONLY legitimate function of the state. However I rather doubt that he contributed to the cost of those warships.

  • What a splendid example to martyrs everywhere,a real credit to cowardice.

  • RobtE

    Chutzpah indeed.
    Feh! An ongeblussen momzer.
    He can kish mier en toochis.
    Meisseh meshina…

  • If I recall from the when Bakri was refused the right to return after his holiday in Lebanon he sucking up so much in hand outs that it would be equivalent to significant chunk (all?) of any of the salary of the ratings on that ship. Strange how when confronted with actual Jihadi warriors suddenly he comes over with an urge to get back to the worthless infidels in the West.

  • But being duplicitous with the kaffir is completely fine in the Koran. So why is anyone shocked? It is good the UK told him no.

  • I refer the honorable gentlemen to the comment I posted some hours ago.

  • permanentexpat

    If the miserable bastard wants to see his welfare-spongeing wife & allah-knows-how-many children, how about shipping them out to him. That would be a real kindness & give Graudnian readers a nice warm feeling.

  • James

    It’s a bit of a non-story now, anyway. The man has no official connection with the UK anymore, thus we have no obligation to him. Simple.

    I’m not too sure about the authenticity of the story, however. I think I’m right in saying that it first surfaced in the Sun. The Foreign Office itself had said that it had received no communication from him on the matter, so I’m not too sure where that leaves the story…

  • Rich

    He was interviewed on ITV news yesterday, it’s a real story.

    He denounced 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid, he regretted all loss of innocent lives and said such murder was Un-Islamic. Then went on to say that as he had never hurt anyone he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t be evacuated.

    Pathetic backsliding slime!

  • Pete_London


    I haven’t read of any claim that he contacted the Foreigners Office. Apparently he just turned up on the quayside and tried to board HMS Infidel.

    I reckon it’s evens that he’ll be back. Someone, somewhere, may well give him the nod.

  • Nick M

    First off – a minor quibble. I’m slightly dissapointed that samizdata is carrying a story that surfaced in The Sun yesterday and with a very similar headline. I guess the blogosphere can’t always be ahead of the MSM.

    Second, to misquote someone, you’d need a heart of stone not to laugh at the plight of Mr Bakri.

    Third. The real story here is about how Mr Bakri, Mrs Bakri and their 7(!) sprogs spent 20 years in the UK on generous benefits. Mrs Bakri and the sprogs still are on those benefits.

    Fourth. This story does not surprise me at all. Andrew Ian Dodge said it before me. Lying to the kufr for tactical reasons is actually mandated in the Koran.

    Fifth. I hope the IDF have a JDAM with Mr Bakri’s name on it.

  • Note, Rich, how he always regrets the loss of “innocent lives”. To him and his kind, infidels are never innocent. What I cannot understand is that time and again these weasel words are used and the interviewers never pin the snake down.

  • If they leave Omar in Lebanon, will he join with the Hezbollah guerillas?

  • Johnathan Pearce

    One thing that this tale, if true, reminds me of is that many of the islamo-nutters who like to shout “death to infidels” are a bunch of cowards. They send young, impressionable kids to their deaths but are usually nice and safe away from any trouble.

    Personally, I would hope that the Royal Navy shows some crafty initiative: pick this character up off the beach and then keelhaul the son of a bitch.

  • ian

    His offical reason – in a radio interview I heard – was that he wanted to be reunited with his children who were worried about him. That’s the children he left behind when he buggered off to Beirut in order to avoid deportation I assume.

  • Saif

    I fear some human rights lawyer somewhere is contemplating taking on the case.

    We may even see a legal challenge mounted by the Cruella de Vil of the Human Rights industry, Cherie Booth-Blair.

  • Samsung

    Sounds to me like that Islamist fatboy, Omar Bakri is desperate to LEAVE Lebenon, and quickly. He’s obviously nowhere else to go hence his reason for wanting the British Royal Navy to get him out. And why isn’t his fellow Islamofascists, Hezbollah helping him get away? Can’t he haul is big lardy ass into Jordan or Syria? Like the rat he is, he’s feeling trapped and frightened. He’s got nowhere else to go. Obviouisly there’s no “welcome party” at the Syrian border for Omar. Hasn’t baby dictator, Assad got a visa for Omar?

    My guess is, he’s frightened of being captured by the Israelis, who are pouring over the Lebanese border as we speak. I suspect, like most hatefilled anti-semite Islamists, he’s piss scared of the “JOOOOS!”. He knows that the Israelis, unlike their “touchy-feely” European counterparts, won’t fuck around with the likes of him. He’s probably frightened he will end up rotting in an Isreali jail, or better still, face down in a ditch somewhere with the back of his head missing. And nobody really quite knows what happened to him or how he met his terrible death. One can but only hope.

  • I suspect that the real reason they wouldn’t let him on board is he stunk so bad the Capt’n couldn’t get anybody to agree to give him the cavity search.

  • Sus

    Hi Samizdata People .. your post was linked from a New Zealand libertarian blog ‘Not PC’, (pc.blogspot.com).

    Hear, hear! This appalling creature is both evil and parasitic.

    Loved ‘Who Are We’, by the way. Laughed out loud. Keep infecting!