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The truth will always out

An earthquake has struck Iran causing thousands of fatalities.

But we all know who is responsible:

I’ve heard tectonic weapons tossed around but what if that evil dummy prayed for the quake???

I wouldn’t put anything past George ‘Hitler’ Bush.

15 comments to The truth will always out

  • Uncle Bill

    It is quite obvious, Allah did it.

  • Reid of America

    That’s right, the US used their satellite based tectonic shifter weapon system. So next time the US tells you to do something you better listen. This was just a display. Next time Tehran will be hit.


  • “President Bush said the US was ready to help, and Iran has said it will accept aid from any country except Israel.”


  • D Anghelone

    Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

    # Gordon’s Restatement of Newman’s Corollary to Godwin’s Law: Libertarianism (pro, con, and internal faction fights) is the primordial net.news discussion topic. Any time the debate shifts somewhere else, it must eventually return to this fuel source.

    # Morgan’s Corollary to Godwin’s Law: As soon as such a comparison occurs, someone will start a Nazi-discussion thread on alt.censorship.

    # Sircar’s Corollary: If the Usenet discussion touches on homosexuality or Heinlein, Nazis or Hitler are mentioned within three days.

    # Van der Leun’s Corollary: As global connectivity improves, the probability of actual Nazis being on the Net approaches one.

    # Miller’s Paradox: As a network evolves, the number of Nazi comparisons not forestalled by citation to Godwin’s Law converges to zero.


  • You never know what some paranoid crackpots are going to blame on their enemies…

  • The wacky world of online forums. You know, I suspect that one day we’ll look back at the Wild Wild Web that is today’s internet as the ‘Golden Age’ before the State and the Diversity Police moved in to put the world to rights (on some spurious pretext of course: chatroom ‘grooming’, paedophiles, bombmakers’ instructions – all grave threats to civilisation ready to be exaggerated beyond anything resembling rationality…)

    Wired: that list hurt my brain.

  • Pete

    This President is lucky to have opponents who are so stupid.

  • Patrick Donnelly

    Someday W’s opposition will decide whether he is a moron or a diabolical supervillain. I think they’re leaning towards supervillain.

  • Julian Morrison

    Hey, I want tectonic weapon! No fair. Maybe if I jump up and down real hard?

  • “Hey, I want tectonic weapon! No fair. Maybe if I jump up and down real hard?”

    That’s Michael Moore’s strategy.

  • Oh dear. That should have read, ” ‘ … Iran has said it will accept aid from any country but Israel.’


    I might have added that I trust they are taking precautions to ensure that no Zionist hands have literally or figuratively touched any aid they might receive.


  • David Gillies

    The real moral of this story is: rebar. We had a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the early hours of Christmas day. The epicentre was near the Panama/Costa Rica border. As far as I’ve been able to find out, there were only two fatalities, both in Panama. Property damage near the epicentre was extensive, but almost exclusively to older wood-framed houses, typically owned by poor people. Almost all construction in San José (where I live) is poured concrete with very extensive steel reinforcement (if you want to hang a picture you have to break out the hammer drill). The quake went on for quite some time, but I was completely sanguine about it, because a) I was drunk as a monkey and b) I know my apartment is built like a nuclear bomb shelter. No-one I know reported any damage to their property or any injuries.

    If the Iranians had stuck a bit of steel in their houses, there wouldn’t be 40,000 of them dead right now. Trouble is, this is a lot more expensive than traditional methods of construction. So you need to be a rich country to do it. In other words, capitalist countries are a better bet in an earthquake than Third World hell-holes.

  • Jorhe

    This can’t have been caused by the US’ secret tectonic weapon: the space shuttle was not in orbit at the time.

  • T. J. Madison

    >>The real moral of this story is: rebar.

    Yep, yet more evidence of Iran’s cultural inferiority.

  • Cobden Bright

    Did anyone hear what the Iranian government said? To paraphrase “We’ll accept all help with disaster relief – unless it’s from Israel”.

    Translation – if you are Iranian, then your life is worth less than our political posturing about the Palestine issue.

    F*cking c*nts, they deserve a right rogering for that. If I was an Iranian stuck in the rubble, then if I survived I would vow from that moment on to do everything in my power to kill all members of the Iranian government as painfully as possible. How can these guys be such cluelessly immoral morons?

    The sooner Iran has a democratic revolution, the better. The guys in charge are nothing but cowardly, bearded, scum in human form.