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The Great Eye of Samizdata gazes at London

David Carr and I are off to take pictures of the Pro-Saddam Hussain/Anti-Liberation of the Iraqi People demonstration in London this afternoon… I hope to have a report up this evening.

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2 comments to The Great Eye of Samizdata gazes at London

  • Ian

    The official organisers of the Oxford one have nailed their colours to the mast, calling the march “No war on Iraq – freedom for Palestine.”

    Well, you’ll have missed this gem from ‘Any Answers.’ Someone railing against the liberation said “We must let sleeping dogs lie, up to a point.”

    Perfectly sums up the delicacy of the opposition’s stand.

  • Mark Holland

    I’ve just feaked out my girlfriend by shouting “ARSEHOLE” at the top of my lungs having just flicked over to ITV news channel to see MP for Baghdad Central and nemesis of John Malkovich über wanker George Galloway.

    Now some bint is going on about striking when hostilities break out. Oh dear.