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Our learned friends

How very odd that Perry should decide to add a category called ‘How Very Odd’ on exactly the same day when I uncover something that I can only describe as very odd.

Or, to be precise, it was uncovered by a colleague at work when seeking the website of the The Law Society. The Law Society is the professional governing body for solicitors in England and Wales and, as one would expect, it does have a very comprehensive website which is located at www.lawsoc.org.

However, acting largely on instinct, he initially typed www.lawsociety.org into his browser and found something altogether different not to mention wholly unrelated.

Just a coincidence that they chose a similar name for their website? Well, possibly I suppose. On the other hand, is it a deliberate marketing ploy? In either event, one must conclude that it is a very effective, if not altogether transparent, way of getting their messages across to a lot of British lawyers.

1 comment to Our learned friends

  • Robert Connor

    The proper domain name for the Law Society of England and Wales is lawsoc.org.UK. This is what appears on their printed matter. The LSEW have simply made some effort to protect their domain by registering .org as well as org.uk. A common practice, of course.

    Remember, however, that the top level domain “org”, although perhaps these days considered international, in fact belongs to the United States. Numerous countries must have a “law society” of some sort and this Palestinian human rights organisation may well wish to gain the unwitting attention of lawyers internationally, but it does not follow that they have targetted British (or rather English and Welsh) lawyers in particular.

    Their adoption of the title “LAW” may not seem to be particularly apt, but they do put an emphasis on the resort to law, and I get the feeling they may be lawyers, so I don’t find anything _too_ odd about their choice of domain name.