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Space Venture Forum at NSS Conference in May

The next International Space Development Conference (ISDC) will be held in Dallas over the Memorial Day weekend this year. Of particular interest to all of our Space Venturers is the symposium to be held on the front of it.

Here is the press release:


National Space Society to Host Second Annual Space Venture Finance Symposium at 2007 International Space Development Conference

Commercial space investment symposium scheduled for May 24, 2007 at the Hotel InterContinental in Dallas, Texas

WASHINGTON, March 23, 2007 – The National Space Society today announced the second annual Symposium on Space Venture Finance, to be held on Thursday, May 24, in conjunction with the 2007 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Dallas, Texas. Bringing together leaders in the investment and space communities, the symposium will focus on recent innovations and deals in early- and mid-stage finance within the commercial space, spaceport, satellite and space-related information technology industries. The day-long symposium program will focus on the following current topics of interest:

  • Pre-operational finance methods in aerospace, including debt-equity financing deals
  • Private venture capital financing of entrepreneurial commercial space firms
  • State venture equity fund investment in space companies and space-related infrastructure such as spaceports
  • Angel financing of commercial space ventures
  • Private equity in satellite, telecommunications and space-related information technology industries
  • Current investment opportunities in entrepreneurial space companies in the US, Canada and elsewhere

Members of the investment banking, venture capital, private equity, angel financing and state venture equity investment communities will give presentations concerning new entrants, best practices and emerging trends in the space finance sector.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Lon Levin, Chief Strategic Officer, Transformational Space Corporation; Co-Founder, XM Satellite Radio
  • Mark Ellison, Director, Texas Emerging Technology Fund, Office of the Governor
  • Greg Kulka, Director-Alternative Investments Portfolio, New Mexico State Investment Council
  • Stephen Fleming, Angel Investor and Board of Directors; XCOR Aerospace; Chief Commercialization Officer, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Peter Banks, General Partner, Red Planet Capital
  • John Higginbotham, Chairman (retired), SpaceVest
  • Burton H. Lee, Managing Partner, Innovarium Ventures
  • Mohanjit Jolly, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures
  • J. Armand Musey, President and Partner, Near Earth LLC

“A key element of the National Space Society’s mission is to enable the development of a sound and sustainable global commercial space industry that solves problems here on Earth while making significant contributions to the peaceful exploration of the solar system,” said Dr. Burton Lee, symposium Co-Chairman. “In that spirit, the Space Venture Finance Symposium will showcase an emerging high-tech sector that is now reaching maturity, and represents a reliable and diverse pipeline of funding opportunities and exit strategies for both startup firms and investors.”

Participants include leading finance and space professionals from the United States, Europe and Asia, representing a broad cross-section of industries and disciplines, including:

  • Investment banks;
  • Venture capital and private equity firms;
  • State economic development departments, venture equity funds and spaceport authorities;
  • Commercial space company CEOs and entrepreneurs;
  • Satellite telecommunications and other space-related information technology firms;
  • Major aerospace and defense corporations;
  • NASA and other space agencies;
  • Advisors and analysts with institutional investors; and
  • Space and finance media.

Program details are subject to revision. Current program information and registration details are available here.

Registered attendees for the International Space Development Conference (ISDC), which officially begins on Friday, May 25, will need to complete a secondary registration to attend the Space Venture Finance Symposium. Conversely, registrants for the Space Venture Finance Symposium are NOT automatically registered for the Friday-Monday sessions of ISDC. ISDC registration must be purchased separately.

Members of the media who wish to cover the Space Venture Finance Symposium may request media credentials on the ISDC Web site by completing the secure online credential request form at here.


About the National Space Society
The National Space Society (NSS) is an independent, grassroots organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. Founded in 1974, NSS is widely acknowledged as the preeminent citizen’s voice on space. NSS counts thousands of members and more than 50 chapters in the United States and around the world. The society also publishes Ad Astra magazine, an award-winning periodical chronicling the most important developments in space. For more information about NSS, how to join or donate, or the annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC), visit: www.nss.org

For media inquiries:
Jeremy Pyle
Vice President of Public Affairs
National Space Society
(415) 713-6272

For Symposium-related inquiries:
Dr. Burton H. Lee,
Symposium Chairman
(703) 282-4513

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