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7/7 photoblogging by Adam Tinworth

We Samizdatistas have not managed anything so far by way of photo-blogging of yesterday’s dramas. However, those wanting to get a pictorially illustrated feeling of what it was like might like to take a look at Adam Tinworth’s blog, starting here, and scrolling upwards.


That is one Adam’s photos, which has a nice stiff upper lip feel to it, I think. I also liked the one of people crowding into Dixons, just to watch the tellies in there, to find out what was going on.

With regard to my title above, I suspect that 7/7 is more likely to end up being the name we give to yesterday’s bomb attacks than David’s 07/07. Either way, a small thing to be thankful for is that it happened on the Xth day of the Xth month, so to speak, and we do not have to get involved in transatlantic bickering/explaining about which comes first, the day or the month.

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