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Millions to March Against ID Cards

The Government is quick to latch on to polls that seem to support its position. Let’s see how they like this one:

A recent poll by independent research group yougov shows that 61% of people support ID Cards in principle, way down from the previously claimed 80%. Almost half objected to the proposals in the draft Bill to force innocent citizens to keep the Government informed of their address. Other measures in the draft Bill such as being fined for not telling the Government of a lost card were fiercely opposed.

It seems that the more the British people learn about Big Blunkett’s plans the angrier they get.

The poll found opposition to compulsory ID Cards was so strong that almost five million British citizens are prepared to join protest marches. In addition, a massive three million people would be prepared to take part in civil disobedience in order to scupper the oppressive plans.

Opposition was particular strong amongst those aged under thirty where 34% were “strongly opposed” to the plans.

Commenting on the results Simon Davies of Privacy International said: “What this survey suggests is that the government is staring down the barrel of another Poll Tax revolt, but on a larger scale.”

Full story at ePolitix.com.

Detailed poll results (pdf format) at: Privacy International

PS: If you’re in London, don’t forget the public meeting this afternoon.

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