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Sean Gabb on Radio 5 Live tonight about ID cards

Email from Sean Gabb:

I have just been contacted by BBC Radio 5, to go on air tonight (Sunday 21st September, 10-11 pm BST) on “Late Night Live”, to discuss the principle of compulsory identity cards. I am not sure yet if the discussion will go ahead, or with me taking part. However, people often complain that I do not give enough notice, so I am sending this out as soon as I can.

You can find Radio 5 at 693 and 909 Khz on the AM band. Otherwise, it is available as streaming audio from this this website.

If you want to contribute with moral support – and this is one reason I am sending this message out! –you can telephone the studio on: 0500 909 693

You can text messages to: 85058 (search me what these digits mean)

Or you can e-mail questions and comments via this web page.

Needless to say, I do welcome support. I shall probably be faced with dozens of the usual sheeple, insisting that they have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. You may not be able to get on air, but if you can send supportive e-mails, the weight of these will be measured.

I will make a recording of the debate, and in due course make this available as a sound file from my web site and that of the Libertarian Alliance.

By the way, the Tony Martin broadcast will go up, I hope, in the next five days.

Many regards,

Sean Gabb
Director of Communications
The Libertarian Alliance
Sunday 21st September 2003

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