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Top ten reasons why sharia will never succeed in the West

  1. Would you be willing to tell Miss Piggy she’s unclean?
  2. What would we do with all the one handed politicians?
  3. The Budweiser Chameleon. So you think The Birds were nasty?
  4. We’ve only got virgins for Martyr’s age 8 and under.
  5. It’s impolite here to throw rocks when someone asks to get stoned.
  6. Pancakes and a side of camel fat just doesn’t have that ring to it.
  7. It won’t help crime because toilet paper works in either hand.
  8. Ham and cheese sandwiches beat goats milk for lunch hands down.
  9. Bob Evans would sue for loss of livelihood.
  10. Playboy Magazine just wouldn’t be the same with Burqah gatefolds.

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