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Remember Pearl Harbour

I’m in a serious state of sleep deprivation and it is all the fault of the Internet for supplying such incredible information. I’ve been on the net since the 70’s and I still have a sense of wonder at it all. I sometimes feel I am living in the Science Fiction novels of my youth.

This item on the history, archaeology and conservation at Pearl Harbour is absolutely guaranteed to keep any naval history buff up for the night.

There is a more serious side as well. This quote, found in the above referenced document, is something for our enemies to consider well and long as we approach a solemn day of remembrance:

“. . . viewed the United States as an essentially pacifistic nation, one that inevitably would sustain the first blow in any war. Once aroused by that shock, the nation could overcome virtually any obstacle to victory. Because of that characteristic, it was unavoidable — even necessary, in Preis’ view — that this nation suffer the initial defeat at Pearl Harbor. He meant his design for the memorial to be a reminder to Americans of the inevitability of sustaining the initial defeat, of the potential for victory, and the sacrifices necessary to make the painful journey from defeat to victory” – Michael Slackman

We will never forget. There will be wreaths laid on a Pennsylvania field for centuries if not millennia into the future.

In a thousand years there will be those among the stars who trace their ancestry to America as Americans do to England. As the history of England is an inseparable part of American history, so too will the terrible events of last year – and of December 7th, 1941 – be part of the soul of those who come after us.

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