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It’s the air-time you pay for, sweetie

The British public deserves a high quality news network which ruggedly pursues the virtues of impartiality, integrity and honesty. Alas, it doesn’t have one. Instead it has the BBC. And this is not just my jaundiced opinion anymore. Now it’s official.

BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, has just signed a major development deal with the European Investment Bank (the bribery wing of the EU) worth £25 million (about $40 million) and which will enable them to produce news, education programmes and children’s programmes guaranteed to be ‘objective’.

The cynical among you might imagine that such munificence rarely comes without strings attached but you’d be wrong. In this case, it comes with bloody great mooring ropes i.e. it is an implicit condition of all EIB funding that lucky recipients must not play host to any criticism of the EU. Nice little deal, eh?

So next time you surf onto their website of link to one of their stories or hear one of their broadcasts, remember: the BBC is a whore, bought and paid for.

Lest I appear puritanical about all of this, I must stress that I have no objection to people selling or buying sexual services but it does seem so unfair that the Eurocrats get all the pleasure while the British public get screwed.

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