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Beijing on my mind

Blogger Alan K. Henderson has a rather flattering idea for protests at the Beijing Olympics.

After reading about Yahoo’s complicity with the Chicoms, I started thinking about the Beijing Olympics. Maybe everyday American spectators could sneak in a little protest here and there. The only idea I have right off the bat is strategically chosen wardrobe. Shirts emblazoned with the Taiwanese flag or that famous photo of the guy standing in front of the Tianenmen tanks might not get past customs (American inspectors might seize them, for all we know – don’t want to upset our partners in peace ). But Samizdata T-shirts are another matter; inspectors won’t think twice about them, and even though Chinese locals won’t know what the eye-in-the-pyramid logo means, they’ll probably ask…

Alan K. Henderson

[Editor: of course if they look at the back of the T-shirts and see the slogan ‘When the state watches you, dare to stare back’ they might have a teeny inkling that these shirts might not be indicative of enthusiasm for the collectivist world view]

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