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A thought on the firefighters’ pay demand…

David Harthill wants to know who, on the probable eve of a war with Iraq, is really ‘worth the money’. He has a thought on the firefighters’ pay demand…

…which, attempting to emulate the incomparable Scrofulous Steve, I thought might work better as an animated gif.

Current conditions:
A firefighter’s pay for an 18 year old starts at an annual £16,305, not including overtime at an hourly rate of £11.16. After 6 months this rises to annual £17,061 and £11.69 per hour respectively, and rises to a maximum of £21,648 / £14.82 after 15 years service without promotion.
[Source: FBU website]

By comparison, an infantry soldier’s pay starts at £12,578 and can rise
to a maximum of £15,290 without promotion. No overtime is available –
you work as hard and as long as you have to.
[Source: British Army website]

Has anyone visited the Fire Brigades Union website? They don’t mince words:

“…the Fire Brigades Union is part of the working-class movement, and, linking itself with the international trade union movement, has as its ultimate aim the bringing about of the Socialist system of society.”

David Harthill

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