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The Eastern Front

I have read Perry’s link to the checkered history of the UPA with great interest (see previous Samizdata.net article). There is much students of the period miss simply because of the vastness of the Eastern Front and the greater perceived relevance to our own history of the Western.

Most striking in the Weisenthal Centre’s brief history of the hatreds, treacheries and double-dealings of the period and area is how well it is brought to life in the guise of real people in Harry Turtledove’s wonderful alternate history series, “World War“. I won’t spoil any of it for those who have not read the books, other than to say he puts human faces and motives to the many players of that vast historical drama of the twentieth century.

I highly recommend the books to anyone and particularly to those interested in WWII. Not for the history itself – it is an alternate reality – but to get inside the heads of the people behind the facts.

No one is a monster in their own mind – and sometimes not even in their own time.

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