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Scab Pride and a multitasking daughter

Blogosophical Investigations (I preferred “Chris Cooper’s Blog” because that’s what it is) is definitely worth an occasional look. Say, about once a month. A rather good contribution from Chris to the now rather good Libertarian Alliance Forum reminded me of his blogzistence.

His bit about Scab Pride is there (July 23), as well as on the LA-F. Some teacher trade unionists in America have been saying that non-unionised teachers should pay the unionised ones Danegeld or teacher-geld or whatever, on account that the unions got them their wages also. Says Chris:

The right of the non-unionized to undercut their unionized competitors is a sacred right.

Chris says unionized and I say unionised, but otherwise of course I agree. He also includes a rather good comment from new LA-F regular Anton Sherwood.

I also liked this, from July 17th, which I think is further evidence that BI’s original name would have sufficed:

Women pride themselves on multitasking

As I come in from walking the dog, I walk past my daughter’s room. A CD is playing full belt: someone called Pink, I later discover. But my daughter is in the next room. She’s sitting on the piano stool watching TV while listening to the music. The TV sound is right down, but it doesn’t matter because she’s seen this episode of Ally McBeal before – probably three times. It doesn’t matter anyway, since she’s talking on her phone. After a while she decides not enough is going on, so she starts playing on the piano with her free hand.

My god. I’ve just realised. I do this. I watch Ally McBeal repeats with the sound off and the Bruckner (or some such preferred alternative to Pink) up, while tapping away at my keyboard. I’m a woman. Oh well. All the libertarians I know agree that we need more of those.

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