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Michigan’s Ruling Communist Party?

Now whilst I have long known that there are tiny fringe communist parties quixotically tilting at windmills in the United States, until I read an article about so-called September 11th ‘profiteers’ on the Ludwig von Mises Institute website, I had no idea that any of them were in fact in power. Yet it seems that Michigan’s Attorney General Jennifer Granholm not only believes that the State owns the means of production and distribution, but is willing to use the force of state to simply impose by edict (not even by ‘law’) how people dispose of property they have legally purchased for resale.

I strongly recommend this article to anyone who still blithely feels that ‘America is the freest country in the world’ and ‘it couldn’t happen here’ and ‘that sorta thing only goes on in Europe’. Dream on. The enemy is not at the gate enviously looking in, she is sitting in an office in a state capital near you.

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