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Natalie Solent’s keybo8rd’z fixed – and some (national stereo) typing

Hello Natalie. I didn’t send any money for your keybo8rd because I too am a cheapskate. But keep it all, I say. We’re British. We have our reputation in the USA to live down to. Over there, us Brits are a bunch of sciving scrounging parasitical sciver scrounger parasites, or so it said in The Bonfire of the Vanities. In the film they changed the Brit sciver etc. journo to an American. No wonder it bombed.

We’re scroungers, that is to say, when we’re not tormenting the world’s ethnic minorities in their countries of origin. In connection with David Carr’s spat with the warblogwatchers, concerning another trans-Atlantic stereotype, one of my favourite lines in a TV sitcom was in Dad’s Army (which, for the benefit of uncultured, can’t finish a sentence without a script to read it from, ignorant of everything outside America, cameras on enormous beerguts, Macdonald building, gas guzzling, napalming, friendly fire killing, plastically surgicated and let’s face it just plain crazy Americans) is about the British WW2 Home Guard. Ex-member of the Thin Red Line Corporal Jones the Butcher, during a discussion of the merits of the British legal system, said:

“We always gave the fuzzy wuzzies a fair trial before we shot ’em.”

The British Empire in one line.

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