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Football is Effen(berg) well not boring

Brian Linse says, among all the other things he said on Monday 22nd, that football (or “soccer” as he calls it) is boring. He proposes a number of USA-type “reforms” to rescue it from its current state of total global obscurity.

Personally I thought that the highlights I watched last night of Real Madrid’s 0-2 first leg victory over Barcelona in Barcelona – an amazing result for Real, which virtually guarantees their place in the European Champions League final in Glasgow, against either Manchester United or Bayer Leverkusen – were about as good as sport can get without my own team being involved and winning gloriously.

But if you agree with the (Ain’t No – pah!!) Bad Dude, probably because you are also an American, or perhaps because you think that blogging and politics and whatnot are more important than “soccer”, then go to Soccernet Europe (the “soccer” disease is spreading I’m afraid) to find out how boring football is when Stefan Effenberg is involved.

Effenberg is currently out of the Bayern Munich line-up for having (a) “long been a controversial figure” and now (b) for saying in a recent interview that unemployment benefit should be cut, and then refusing to take it back.

(My thanks to Antoine Clarke for pointing me to this story.)

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