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A quick Balkan Blog

I am slightly dazed and significantly bruised from my holiday in Austria, so this is just a quick catch up post.

The Serbian Authorities in Bosnia are up to their usual tricks and are driving out Croatian civilians from Drvar and Grahovo. Of course the outrage of the international community is strangely absent. What a surprise. These poor people are all ending up in accommodation around Knin. Having been through that myself, my heart goes out to them. At least none of them were killed. I wonder if these ethno-socialist morons in Republika Srbska realise they are in effect causing the colonisation of depopulated Serbian areas around Knin with pissed off Croats who are not going to be willing to move again? Pure genius.

On a seperate note, Yugoslavia agreed to vanish, at least in name. It will probably be called The Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Good riddance. I still think that Montenegro should try to engineer a ‘velvet divorce’ and go it alone.

I was also going to write about the latest EU regulatory madness but I am too sleeeepy!

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