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What’s truth got to do with it?

Rob Smith writes in with an view of the stupidity that transcends mere national borders.

David Carr preaches to a deaf, dumb and blind audience when he presents the gospel truth about the necessity of private gun ownership in a free and peaceful country. As an American, I have witnessed countless assaults on my Second Amendment Constitutional rights by anti-gun fanatics who are totally convinced that guns themselves are evil. No logical argument, no perfect example and no amount of evidence will ever dissuade these people from believing that they are saintly and correct. They hate guns, they fear guns and that’s all they need to know.

What is happening now in Great Britain happened in Chicago, Washington, DC, and every other American city that banned gun ownership by private citizens. Murder rates doubled. Burglaries skyrocketed. Crime ran rampant. But the people who banned the guns don’t see that their actions caused the problem. No, they attack the problem they created by demanding more gun laws.

I reside in the great state of Georgia, where the town of Kennesaw made national news in 1982 by passing a law requiring every head of household to own a firearm. (Okay– a lot of that was a political stunt pulled by the mayor after Morton Grove, Illinois made national headlines by banning private handgun ownership. Morton Grove didn’t see an increase in crime, but 80% of the people in Morton Grove didn’t turn in their guns, either.) When they heard that Kennesaw was about to REQUIRE gun ownership, news reporters and anti-gun hand-wringers immediately left Morton Grove and descended on Kennesaw, where they all predicted a New Dodge City, with shoot-outs on the streets and gutters running red with blood if the law passed.

It passed. From 1981 to 1985, violent crime dropped 71% in Kennesaw. Burglaries dropped 65%. Between 1981 and 1993, the population of Kennesaw doubled and burglaries dropped 16%. Nobody reports the success of the law because the results run contrary to “conventional wisdom” about how private citizens behave when they own guns and how criminals react to that fact.

I have heard that the definition of a fool is someone who repeats a mistake, hoping for a different result the next time. Anti-gun fanatics are fools. The deaf dumb and blind never learn.

Rob Smith

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