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The spirit of freedom

I’m still catching up on the backlog of email and work from my several days absence. Even so, this item from the Opinion Journal must be shared. These words from a woman who has just lost her husband and father of her unborn child should be an inspiration to us all.

Here is an excerpt from the statement issued by Pearl’s widow, Mariane a few days ago:

From this act of barbarism, terrorists expect all of us to bow our heads and retreat as victims forever threatened by their ruthlessness. What terrorists forget is that they may seize the life of an innocent man or the lives of many innocent people as they did on Sept. 11, but they cannot claim the spirit or faith of individual human beings.

The terrorists who say they killed my husband may have taken his life, but they did not take his spirit. Danny is my life. They may have taken my life, but they did not take my spirit.

I promise you that the terrorists did not defeat my husband no matter what they did to him, nor did they succeed in seizing his dignity or value as a human being. As his wife, I feel proud of Danny. I trust that our struggle will ultimately serve the greater purpose of resisting those evil people casting a shadow upon our world.

As I said “long ago” in the days after… we are all front line soldiers now.

I’m proud to serve with this woman.

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