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European Union to provide business opportunities to data havens and off-shore company registries

The splendid European Union is going to demand people selling over the Internet add EU Value Added Tax (VAT) on to item delivered digitally in Europe.


  • Register several companies off-shore with different names
  • Each company separately sets up to take credit card
  • transactions
      in different countries
  • Sell your product without collecting VAT from outside EU (and outside USA as well for best protection)
  • Do not hide what you are doing…use it as a marketing plus
  • Set up several servers & shells so if EU tries to shut you down you can be back up in minutes in another country
  • You make money and EU kleptocracy does not. Double Plus Good.

Oh! But this is not clever tax avoidance, this is breaking law!

I don’t live in the EU though I do sometimes do business there. I recommend not breaking the law where your severs are but as for EU law? Yes, break it every time and as often as possible. Don’t cooperate with your own repression and for goodness sake don’t help fund it for other people. Remember: what a business person can do across a border in minutes, hours, days can take a lawyer weeks, months, years to do across the same borders if you choose your borders well.

Of course I am just speaking theoretically


[Thanks to Medvjedica for link]

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