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British Blogger Bash… the morning after the night before

Tentative greetings from Hangover Headquarters.

The 1st Blogger Bash in London was a definite success with four blogs represented, and a host of would-be bloggers and blog readers also in attendance, eighteen people in all.

Blogs represented were Samizdata (obviously), Aint No Bad Dude, Dodgeblog and Layman’s Logic.

Unfortunately Adil Farooq of Muslimpundit sent regrets earlier and was unable to attend and the evil Busheyspon was a no-show.

Proceedings started at 7:00 pm and continued until 6:30 am today (I kid thee not) when the last diehards staggered off to an uncertain fate into the cold Chelsea night.

It looks like at least two new blogs will probably emerge as a result of the contacts between existing bloggers and interested attendees. Samizdata will also gain two more contributors to the bristling libertarian phalange in the form of Adriana Cronin and Patrick Crozier.

Samizdata Team reminds Brian Linse of Aint No Bad Dude that we have not forgotten the ‘Interblog Gun Wars’

We can confirm that contrary to rumours, Andrew Dodge is not in fact possessed by demons

Ben Sheriff of Layman’s Logic was envious of Brian Micklethwait’s finely tuned social antennae

The party was characterised by sober discourse and probity


All the attendees were bleary guys with beer bellies

Dale was very impressed when Tom Burroughes demonstrated the famous Reuters Break Dance technique

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